BricsCAD® Lite

Powerful and affordable 2D drafting software

For anyone who need fast, accurate and affordable documentation

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Well-known 2D Drafting Tools

BricsCAD offers all the 2D drafting tools you know, and more. You can access them directly from the ribbon, toolbars or the command line. Current CAD users can be comfortable with BricsCAD in an hour, and proficient in an afternoon.

Familiar interface

Leverage what you already know with full command, script, macro and menu compatibility with AutoCAD®

  • Command compatible
  • Menu (.CUI, .CUIX) compatible
  • Macro/script compatible
  • Support file (.PC3, .LIN, .PAT, .DWT, .SSM)compatible
Highly compatible

There is no need to change your printer setup, drawing templates, blocks or sheet set layouts to move to BricsCAD.

Powerful LISP Interpreter

Run LISP routines developed in other CAD applications or develop your own in the BricsCAD LISP Advanced Development Environment (BLADE).

Nearest Distance

View the distance between any two entities, and move the second one by simply typing in a new distance value.

Copy Guided

Copy Guided automatically aligns copied entities to relevant geometry using automatically generated guide curves for both 2D and 3D data.

Use your Dynamic Blocks

You can use the Dynamic Blocks that you created in AutoCAD® directly inside of BricsCAD. Control visibility states, stretch, flip, rotate and alignment.

Convert repeated geometry into blocks

Blockify automatically creates a block definition and replaces all matching sets of entities with block references throughout your entire drawing.

High performance

BricsCAD supports multi-threaded, multi-processor operations to speed product performance for file loads, drawing generation and rendering.

PDF & BigTIFF underlays

We use a multi-resolution, persistent image cache to display PDF underlays, enabling super-fast zoom and pan operations, even with enormous 64-bit BigTIFF files.

BricsCAD® Pro

Modern 2D drafting and 3D modeling software

For users who need the flexibility of 2D or 3D CAD to help solve their design problems faster

BricsCAD - screenshots

2D Drafting & 3D Modeling Tools

In addition to the comprehensive 2D drafting tools that BricsCAD is known for, BricsCAD Pro includes our powerful 3D Direct Modeler. Start with 3D shapes, then push & pull faces or vertices to create your model. You can also sketch 2D profiles and extrude, sweep or revolve them into 3D solids.

Parametric Blocks

Parametric blocks automate repetitive tasks by enabling fast drawing creation, changes and reconfigurations. Create one block and reuse the geometry in an intelligent and adaptable way

Easy drawing generation

Automatically generate associative orthographic and standard isometric views of your 3D models, with full control over the layout and style of the views. Then, use the powerful detailing tools in BricsCAD to document your designs.

Civil Engineering tools

BricsCAD offers a range of civil design tools for creating and editing TIN surfaces, grading, and alignments as well as boundary trim and corridor editing. BricsCAD is interoperable with Civil 3D drawings and other GIS and mapping data.

Point Clouds

Point cloud visualization tools in BricsCAD Pro support industry-standard point cloud formats, and let you navigate massive point clouds smoothly and quickly. Our intelligent PointCloud filtering enables users to generate workable TIN surfaces without loss of accuracy.


A.I.- powered Building Information Modeling software

For designers, architects and engineers working in the building industries

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Design with solids

Experience design freedom with a 3D workflow, not limited by pre-defined parts or library components. Use intuitive push-pull Direct Modeling to sculpt your massing model. Your model remains light and responsive, because it's not over-loaded or over-constrained.

Automate Increased LOD

BricsCAD BIM's A.I. workflows help automate a continuous increase in Level of Development. Convert your concept study model to a fully classified BIM at LOD 200. Continue to increase the LOD with our PROPAGATE workflow - model details once, then use them across the entire BIM, automatically


Capture point cloud as-built information during different phases of construction and renovation projects. Our smart features can create model geometry from the data or enable users to analyse deviations from the original designs.

Detailing & quantification

Increase your model's LOD by adding information and duplicating it at any or all matching instances across your BIM, automatically. With high accuracy and consistent Level of Detail across the entire BIM, exact quantity takeoffs and Bills of Materials can be extracted, displayed and exported.

Generate spectacular documentation

Create clear and accurate construction documentation in record time, using the automatic generation of sections, elevations, drawing views and sheet layouts. Change your 3D model, and all associated drawing views will be regenerated automatically to stay in total sync.

Deliver custom designs for Manufactured Building Products

The accuracy of BricsCAD BIM offers new horizons for manufacturers of building products. Custom components can be designed and shared as assemblies, for use within the BIM or on the shop floor for fabrication.

BricsCAD® Mechanical

Advanced mechanical design tools

For mechanical engineers and product designers

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Bills of materials generation

The BOM panel lets you manage multiple Bills of Materials, as tables in your drawings. You can format columns, set up equations, sort entries, and more.

Flexible assembly design

BricsCAD Mechanical users can create complex hierarchies of parts and subassemblies using bottom-up or topdown design methods. You can import assemblies from different CAD systems using Communicator for BricsCAD, including Parametric geometry defined in those assemblies.

3D Constraints

The powerful 3D constraint engine in BricsCAD Mechanical helps you create parametric components, including table-driven parts and assemblies.

Parametric standard parts

BricsCAD contains a library of more than 1,000 parametric mechanical parts grouped into four categories: Fasteners, Machine Parts, Structural Shapes and Piping. ANSI, ASME, DIN, ISO and JIS standard are supported.

Automated Drawing Generation

Experience a familiar workflow for the creation of drawing layouts. Change a single part or the entire assembly, and all 2D drawing views are automatically updated.

Automated Exploded views with trailing lines

BricsCAD Mechanical can create multi-axis exploded views, automatically disassembling complex assemblies and adding trailing lines, in just one click.

Smarter piping design

Our smart placement feature automatically inserts the correct size valve or flange, in the right position and updates when one parameter is changed.

Communicator for BricsCAD®

Communicator for BricsCAD is an extra-cost module that works with BricsCAD Pro, BIM and Mechanical

Communicator for BricsCAD seamlessly imports geometry and PMI data from major CAD programs, and exports industry-standard 3D file formats.

Import & export files from:
  • ACIS
  • Parasolid
  • Creo
  • Siemens NX
  • Autodesk®Inventor
  • and more
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